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The Ocean's Power

The Ocean's Power

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The Lapis Lazuli has had many uses through history, from being used in ornaments to being ground finely to create ink. It's deep blue colour is striking, and has been hailed as the stone of heaven/sky, hence the origin of it's name.

The Turquoise, for more than a thousand years, has been associated as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune and as a talisman. It has been believed that wearing a turquoise can protect one from impending danger, by absorbing the danger itself and breaking apart, expelling the bad energy.

The Coral were used in treasured ornaments and talismans. Over time as royalty and nobility began adorning their possessions with it more and more, it altered the significance of corals to mean power, wealth and prestige.

This delicate and hand-crafted ring, holding a striking lapis lazuli, an elegant turquoise and beautiful precious corals, is made of natural stones and 925 sterling silver.

An elegant addition to every occasion.

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